Vicki's Pink Bubbly

There’s nothing we love more here at Red Aspen than a woman who shows what it truly means to

stand up,

stand out,

and stand together

By Uniting passion with purpose.

By being courageous, original, and confident, Vicki is an inspiration to women everywhere.

Ever since Vicki was young, she used her gift for comedy to work in her benefit. Bullied through school as a kid, she constantly felt the pressure of other’s opinions weighing her down. Unfortunately, this followed her long after school. Even today while living in Hollywood, Vicki still faces the pressures from others trying to bring her down, but she consistently refuses to let anyone’s negativity get the best of her.

By utilizing her skills in comedy, she has learned to face hostility with wit and humor rather than letting others effect her positive nature and outlook on life. Doing this for a majority of her life, she has mastered the ability to maintain positive and confident through hardships of life. At age 38, Vicki tested her skills and decided to take a comedy class, from there, she was absolutely hooked.


“She is so down to earth and genuine. She gives her time and makes everyone feel like somebody.”

-Jennifer Collier

After becoming comfortable with herself and her gift for humor, Vicki took a leap of faith that helped her chase her dreams. She tried out for America’s Got Talent- and absolutely rocked it! Vicki blew the judges away, received a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd, and she was congratulated on to the next round. Overjoyed with happiness, she cried at the news, so much so she cried off a false lash! Luckily, a Brand Ambassador for Red Aspen was watching Vicki’s episode and reached out to her after seeing her lash come off on live television. Vicki was sent some Red Apsen lashes to try out and immediately fell in love; she wore our lashes on several hilarious live performances afterwards- and, of course, they stayed on the whole time!


“vicki is currently inspiring a nation to reach for your goals, no matter how big or small.”

We absolutely adore Vicki’s courageous mentality and drive to reach her goals despite any obstacles that come her way. It was her courage and dedication to her passion that carried her through her fears and hardships. Vicki shot for the stars, had confidence she would land somewhere great, and today, finds happiness and fulfillment in her everyday work. We could all benefit greatly by taking a few tips from Vicki and go for our goals no matter what stands in the way!