What Millennials Value in the Workplace

What it means to work, in a traditional sense, has changed now that we can run mini empires, at any time of day, from our mobile devices. It’s altered our approach to work and allows for more diversity in the workplace.


Value in the Workplace


We now have a better ability to make work what we want it to be instead of being forced into a 9-to-5 setting, Monday through Friday, for 40+ years until retirement. We can seek careers, or develop our own career paths, that help us find more of what we’re really looking for in life.

And in today’s world, that can be anything! From running your own screen print shop selling message tees to writing code for apps that track healthy habits to selling lashes that make women feel like rock stars — there are MANY ways to find value in the workplace that have nothing to do with money.

If you’re trying to find a way to share your talented boss babe self, or you’re considering creating your own mini empire, read on! Then look for something that suits your individualized needs and kill it!


Find a company that fits your values.

Everyone wants to feel like they’re making a difference. If you’re passionate about charity work, consider working for a non-profit organization that gives back to the causes you believe in. If you’re passionate about education, becoming a teacher is a natural fit. Want to stay home with your newborn but need a way to cover the necessities? Red Aspen might be a good fit since it’s a business you can work around baby snuggling.


Consider the social impact.

Time off for volunteer work and charitable matching are becoming increasingly popular incentives that more and more companies are offering. It’s a simple way to promote employee satisfaction, as well as that of consumers. Look for companies that care about the people they employ and their customers. Research their cultural and environmental viewpoints so you can feel good about the company you’re working with or for.


Find a company you can be loyal to.

No one wants to feel like they’re just a number. Everyone wants to work for a company that naturally encourages loyalty, and we want to feel like that company is also loyal to us. Do your research and read online reviews about what other employees are saying about the places you might want to work. No one knows like the people that have been there, so ask around and listen to what others have to say.



Money isn’t everything.

Study after study demonstrate that people value experiences over money. So long as the bills are paid and you have a little extra for traveling and hobbies, what matters most is doing something inspiring that you’re passionate about. Figure out what that is, and then make your job work for you.




Red Aspen might be just the company you’re looking for! Talk to your Brand Ambassador to find out how Red Aspen is working for them, and visit here for more information.