Wink in Pale Pink, Sophie

This adorable young woman was perfect inspiration for this fun, loud, and gorgeous Nail Dash. Her personality has an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Wink in Pale Pink, Sophie’ nails that sparkle and shine in any light!

Red Aspen adores Sophie for many reasons. How did we get to meet her you ask? Believe it or not, both her mom and sister, Isabelle, work at Red Aspen! As you may know, the Joy Lash was named after none other than our Joy Bowman, Sophie’s mom. This fun family makes coming to work that much better, with their sense of humor, unconditional love, and drive to constantly produce quality work in whatever they may do. It’s no secret Sophie gained many great qualities from her older sister and mom. We’re so thankful to have her apart of the Treehouse!

Since Red Aspen is so lucky to have Sophie’s mom AND sister around, we thought we’d follow them around and find out just what makes Sophie the special gal she is. What we found proves she deserves this recognition, now hear it for yourself!

When we asked both Joy and Isabelle about what they most enjoy doing with Sophie, they both were quick to answer, ‘getting coffee and talking about life’. Sophie is passionate about challenging ideas and loves to talk to anyone that will engage in a good conversation about just anything. It’s no secret that her natural ability to question life and stay curious makes her the best person to share a cappuccino and conversation with; Sophie may be a young woman, but she proves wise beyond her years! Her proud sister remarks, ‘Sophie has overcome a lot for being at such a young age, but she handles her problems head-on and that has made her very mature for her age.’ Sophie is refreshingly restless when it comes to deciding her stance on something, often enjoying a friendly debate simply to challenge those around her. She is determined to problem solve and learn on her own and has grown quite independent in doing so. Her bigger sister might give her advice on boys, friends, and growing up, but Isabelle says it’s often her sister giving her advice, especially when it comes to fashion!

Sophie’s mom is equally as impressed with Sophie’s maturity, ‘she is always surprising me in new ways, whether it be with new ideas, thoughts, or actions, I love how she is always challenging what’s around her.’ Although she may be wise beyond her years, don’t think she doesn’t know how to have some fun. Isabelle, Sophie’s sister, laughs as she says “Sophie and I are always goofing off together, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we’re having a good time just being us together.”

Sophie sets a high standard for young women, as she is passionate, mature, and knows how to bring a bit of fun anywhere she goes. We love having Sophie’s family apart of the red aspen family. these gorgeous sparkly, daring, and fun dashes wouldn’t be the same with sophie’s name on them!