Your Lash For Your Eyes

Hey everybody!

It’s Cassie, your Red Aspen Beauty Expert! I am so excited to finally introduce you to our lash guide! Below you will see where YOU fit into our fun, interactive lash map.

Tips for finding your lash

1. Size

Are you Large or Small? If you can’t decide, look at the other features of your face. Are your eyes small IN COMPARISON to your lips? Are your eyes large IN COMPARISON to your nose? These are ways to figure out if your eyes are a large or small feature of your face.

2. Shape

Are your eyes round or almond? Everyone has either one of these two shapes but a lot of people land somewhere in between! Just study your eyes and ask yourself if the emphasis of the shape is on the top and bottom (round) or on the sides (almond). Don’t confuse shape with size. You can have large almond eyes or small round eyes etc. Study your shape and others around you for comparison and for fun!

3. Width

Are your eyes more spread apart or more narrow in appearance? If you’re finding yourself landing somewhere in the middle than you can try all the lashes below this point in the map to find your personal favorite.



Extra Tips

*If you are lacking a lot of space between your lash and brow, go for a shorter length lash. If you have a larger space, you can wear any length of your choosing!

*If your eyes are deep set choose a shorter lash or a lash that tapers at the ends. Think “delicate”! If your eyes are shallow set you can wear a multitude of styles! However, you will need to pay attention to how much space you have between your brow and lash line and choose accordingly.

*If you are still confused on what to try first, I’d suggest Mina, Bella, Miss or Priya. These four lashes range in different volumes and lengths but are flattering for all sizes, shapes, and widths.

Most Importantly!

Don’t be scared to try them all! This is just a fun way to start your lash journey! At the end of the day, your unique style and personality is the best way to connect you to your best lash. Are you conservative? Are you bold? Are you trendy? Are you sweet? And the list goes on!

Embrace your unique beauty and embrace your new favorite lash! #mylashbestie



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