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Red Aspen invites you to join our Promotion Boot Camp through the month of August! Our Boot Camp is a fun, interactive, and social way to engage in the behaviors that will drive your business forward, and we'll be sure to make it extra playful with rewarding challenges and prizes galore.

Ready to participate in Boot Camp? Easy!



WEEKLY Prizes will be awarded EVERY monday for the prior week based on the FOLLOWING criteria:

  1. The Top 25 Weekly Point Earners will receive a weekly Red Aspen signature completion certificate based off our core values: Curious, Playful, Courageous and Fulfilled!
  2. The Top 25 Weekly Point Earners will receive a special shout out from the Treehouse on the Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors Facebook Group!
  3. All Brand Ambassadors to complete every challenge to it's entirety throughout the week will be emailed a signature Red Aspen digital file to use towards their business! Prizes vary weekly.

END OF MONTH PRIZEs will be awarded September 7, 2018, based on the following criteria:

  1. The top 10 total point earners will earn an invitation to the Scottsdale Birthday Bash from October 5-7, 2018!
    • Earners are invited to hang out at the Birthday Mansion and participate in all the activities, but will need to make their own airfare, transportation, and lodging accommodations. 
    • Any top 10 point earners that already earned the trip through the summer incentive are not eligible to re-earn this prize. 
    • Earners must successfully complete, track, and log at least 50% of the challenges and mini challenges.  
    • If you earn the trip and are unable to join us, you will be sent a $125 product pack in lieu of the trip. 
    • Please note that the value of the trip or product pack will be recorded as income on your 1099. 
  2. The top 100 total Point Earners  will earn our exclusive "Happy Birthday" lash that can only be earned, not purchased! 
    • Any top 100 point earners that already earned the Happy Birthday lash through the summer incentive are eligible to earn another lash. 
    • Earners must successfully complete, track, and log at least 50% of the challenges and mini challenges. 
    • The Happy Birthday lash will be sent out on October 14, 2018, just in time for Red Aspen's Birthday! 

Boot Camp Overview:

  1. Points will be awarded per completion of each challenge. No partial points will be awarded.
  2. Points can also be earned weekly through PV and New Brand Ambassador Enrollments. Every 100 PV = 10 points. Every 1 New Active Brand Ambassador (personally sponsored by you) = 10 points
  3. Each challenge week will run from Monday at 9:00 AM MST to the following Monday at 8:59 AM MST.  For example, the 1st Challenge Period will begin August 6, 2018 9:00 AM MST and will end August 13, 2018 8:59 AM MST
  4. The End Of Week Wrap Up form will be posted to the Promotion Boot Camp Facebook Group every Friday at 12:00 PM MST and must be completed by the following Monday by 8:59 AM MST.

Boot Camp Rules:

  1. Each challenge will be worth a certain number of points and in order to earn the points you must complete the challenge in it's entirety. No partial points will be awarded. 
  2. Proof of Completion: each challenge will require different proof of completion. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW EACH CHALLENGE RULES CAREFULLY. If criteria is not met, challenge will not count.
  3. The End of Week Wrap Up form must be completed in order to receive recognition or points. 


How do I join the promotion boot camp?

To join, follow the link and request to join the Promotion Boot Camp Facebook group:

When is the cut off date to opt into the boot camp?

Boot Camp begins Monday, August 6, 2018 and the cut-off date to join the first challenge week is August 4, 2018. 

What if I am new to Red Aspen, can I join the Boot Camp after august 4, 2018?

Yes, we will be accepting new Brand Ambassadors into the Boot Camp throughout the month of August. However, please note that once a challenge has ended, it cannot be made up at a later time.

Does it cost to join Promotion Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp is completely free for Brand Ambassadors to join and participate in. 


No, this Promotion Bootcamp is optional! We encourage all of our BA's to participate as the goal is to help you continue to grow and thrive in your business, but it's completely up to you!


The first Boot Camp challenge begins August 6, 2018 and runs until August 31, 2018.

How will I access each challenge and it's rules?

Each challenge will be posted to the Promotion Boot Camp Facebook Group, along with challenge information, the cut-off date, and proof of completion requirements.


Every Friday at 12:00 PM MST the "End of Week Wrap Up" form will be posted to the Promotion Boot Camp Facebook Group for all Brand Ambassadors to check off all challenges they've completed. 


We encourage all Brand Ambassadors to do their very best to complete every challenge they can, however we understand life happens. The great thing about Promotion Boot Camp is points will be counted week by week, giving you the opportunity to start fresh Monday!

How Will the Treehouse know how many points I have?

The Treehouse is obtaining point information based on the information submitted in the End of Week Wrap Up form, as well as auditing week by week. 

Is every challenge worth the same amount of points?

No. The total amount of points varies per challenge, so be sure to pay close attention to each challenge posted. 

Is completing the challenges the only way to earn points?

No. While you earn points through your weekly challenges that help to grow your business, we've added 2 additional ways to earn even more points...PV and Sponsoring New Active Brand Ambassadors!

  • Every 100 PV = 10 Points
    (example: 203 PV = 20 Points, 389 PV = 30 Points)
  • Every New Active Brand Ambassador (personally sponsored by you) = 10 points