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business burst incentive FAQ


Red Aspen is launching a series of new product throughout 2018 (one product per month), and Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors have the ability to earn these new products for free by completing the Business Burst Incentive challenge outlined by Red Aspen.

What are the perks of successfully completing a Business Burst Incentive challenge?

Brand Ambassadors that successfully complete a Business Burst Incentive challenge in a given month will earn a free product scheduled for release the following month. Red Aspen will put the new product in the mail one business day before the product is officially launched, so the incentive recipients will get their product before anyone else! It will be in the mail and on its way before customers and other Brand Ambassadors can buy it.

When will I learn what product I’ve earned?

Oh hey, that question rhymes! You’ll learn what product you’ve earned when the Treehouse announces the new product. The good news is that it will already be in the mail on its way to you.

What if there are multiple products launched in a given month?

TBD by the Treehouse. It will vary from month to month depending on the products being launched.


When will the monthly Business Burst Incentive challenge be announced?

The monthly Business Burst Incentive will be posted here, on this page, on the first day of the month.

Where can I find the monthly Business Burst Incentive?

Look no farther! It’s located here in the image at the top of the page.

How will I know if I earned the Business Burst Incentive?

The Red Aspen Treehouse will shoot you a congratulatory email letting you know that you’ve qualified. You can expect that email to hit your inbox during the first week of the month.

I received my Business Burst Incentive product. Can I exchange it for something different?

No, this is intended to be a showcase product that you get before anyone else for free, so it may not be returned for another product.