Step 1) Understand the Basics:

Watch the Compensation Plan Getting Started Video, which introduces the Red Aspen Compensation Plan!

Watch the Compensation Plan 101 video, which dives a little deeper into the Red Aspen Compensation Plan!

 Download and review the Beginner's Compensation Planwhich outlines the first 5 titles in our Commission Plan. 

 Download Review the Red Aspen Leadership Compensation Plan and definitions



Download and review the Red Aspen Vault 101 Guide, which teaches you how to activate and order your Commissions prepaid branded card. 

Download, fill out and email your completed W9 to 

Step 3) Review the Red Aspen Policies & Procedures


Red Aspen Policies & Procedures



How do I earn with Red Aspen?

You can earn with Red Aspen by selling product or building a team and earning bonuses.

What is the Sales Track?

The Sales Track is the sales portion of the compensation plan where you can sell product and earn 25-35%.

What is the Team Track?

The Team Track is the sponsoring portion of the compensation plan where you can sponsor team members and earn from their sales. 

Where can I find definitions of commission key terms?

You can find all the commission key term definitions on the "Compensation Plan: Getting Started" chart.

How do i become sales active?

As a Brand Ambassador, you are considered "sales active" when you sell 120 PV (personal volume).

Am I considered "active" the first month I join?

Yes. No matter what date in the month you join, you are considered active.

What is personal volume?

Monthly total personal sales, excluding tax, shipping & discounts.

1 PV = 1 USD (in most cases)


What is sales commission?

25-35% bonus earned on personal volume (PV).

What is level commission?

3-10% bonus earned on sales of Brand Ambassadors in your downline; may earn on up to 3 levels.

What is generation commission?

1-2% bonus earned on generations in your downline; may earn on up to 4 generations.

if i only sell 119 pv will i still earn personal commissions?

If you sell up to 119 PV you earn 25% commissions. If you sell 120+ PV you can earn up to 25-35% commissions.


Where can I find a summary of my commissions/commissions breakdown?

You can find a summary of your paid commissions in your Hub. 

Where can I find more details on the comp plan?  

For more information, you can always reach out to your sponsor for help. Or, if you need some Treehouse assistance email

How is the Red Aspen comp plan different than others? (what's awesome about RA comp plan, What does RA comp plan NOT have? - breakaways, compression, 20% on 1st 1000 PV, confusing concepts)

Our compensation plan is awesome in so many ways! The Red Aspen compensation does not have breakaways, compression, or confusing concepts. We prefer things simple.

Does Red Aspen offer any third party insurance?

Yes, we have partnered with PRO Insurance Managers so you can access their Direct Seller Liability, Event insurance, Business Inventory, Health, Life, Dental and Vision, Identity Theft and many other beneficial programs.  For information, online rates and more, reach out to them directly.  Follow this link:


what is dspv?

Your PV + entire downline PV. Maximum of 50% of DV may come from one Leg.

What is GV?

Your PV + Level 1 PV + Level 2 PV + Level 3 PV. Minimum of 50% of GV must come from sales to non-Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors.

What are Active Legs?

A leg where there is at least 1 Brand Ambassador who has sold 120 PV, or achieved an active status, by the end of the month.

What are Titled Legs?

A leg that meets certain paid as title requirements. For example, if your are an Associate Brand Director you must have 4 active legs and 1 PAID AS Brand Manager.

What are levels?

Brand Ambassadors in your downline. Brand Ambassadors you personally sponsor are your Level 1, Brand Ambassadors sponsored by your Level 1 are your Level 2, and so on. May earn on up to 3 levels.

What are generations?

Associate Brand Director or above and her downline, down to but not including next Associate Brand Director or above.


What is dashing start/bonus?

TIERS:           ACTIVITY:              REWARD:                            SPONSOR REWARD:

Tier 1:             500 PV                   $25 Dash Box

Tier 2:            1,000 PV                $50 Dash Box

Tier 3:            2,000 PV               $100 Dash Box                         $25 Dash Box

                                                         and $150 Cash Bonus              and $25 Cash Bonus

Tier 4:            4,000 PV               $200 Dash Box                       $50 Dash Box

                                                          and $250 Cash Bonus             and $50 Cash Bonus

What is dashing start sponsor bonus?

TIERS:           ACTIVITY:                               REWARD:                           SPONSOR REWARD:

Tier 1:            500 PV                                        $25 Dash Box

Tier 2:           1 Sales Active Enrollment        $50 Dash Box

                       + 500 PV   

Tier 3:           2 Sales Active Enrollments        $100 Dash Box                        $25 Dash Box


                       + 1,000 PV                                  and $150 Cash Bonus             and $25 Cash Bonus

Tier 4:         3 Sales Active Enrollments          $200 Dash Box                       $50 Dash Box 

                      + 1,500 PV                                    and $250 Cash Bonus            and $50 Cash Bonus

What is the leadership consistency bonus?

Monthly recurring bonus earned by Brand Director and above by qualifying for paid as title.

Does Red Aspen have fast start bonuses?

Yes. Red Aspen has the Dashing Start program. For more details, visit the New Brand Ambassadors tab.

Does Red Aspen have incentive trips?

Yes, what's work without some play? For more information, head to the Promotions tab.