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our favorite things summer incentive

Looking to set some business goals this summer? Let us help! Red Aspen is running FOUR individual summer incentives during the months of May, June, July, and August, and all you need to do is set your sights to achieve, put in the work, and we’ll send you fun prizes! The qualifications are the same month over month, but reset on the first day of the month as we announce our newest favorite things.

MAY: GEnie’s favorite things

Check out what Red Aspen’s Chief Strategy Officer, Genie Reese, picked out for her favorite things this month.


LEVEL 1: 850 PV

  • Lit + Co. Natural Soy Candle with Custom Red Aspen Fragrance

  • $65 Product Pack

  • An $80 value

LEVEL 2: 2,000 PV + 2 PE

  • Lit + Co. Soy Candle with Custom Red Aspen Fragrance

  • Red Aspen Coffee Mug

  • Red Aspen Half Zip (available in sizes S - 3XL)

  • $175 Product Pack

  • A $250 value

LEVEL 3: 3,000 PV + 3 PE

  • Lit + Co. Soy Candle with Custom Red Aspen Fragrance

  • Red Aspen Coffee Mug

  • Red Aspen Half Zip (available in sizes S - 3XL)

  • Kate Spade Watson Lane Small Hartley Backpack

  • $270 Product Pack

  • A $500 value


Our favorite things summer incentive

What is this incentive?

Red Aspen is pleased to announce that we’re hosting a series of incentives during the individual months of May, June, July, and August of 2019. The more personal volume you earn and new team members you sponsor help qualify you for fun prizes!

What are the prizes?

The prizes will change every month, and Amanda, Genie and Jesse (Red Aspen’s Founders) have each picked a few of their favorite things to help incentive you to build your business this summer. Genie’s favorite things will be announced on May 1st, Jesse’s favorite things will be announced on June 1st, and Amanda’s favorite things will be shared on July 1st. On August 1st the three founders will present a few of their favorite business things.

What are the incentive qualifications?

Level 1: 850 PV

Level 2: 2,000 PV & 2 Personally Sponsored Enrollments

Level 3: 3,000 PV & 3 Personally Sponsored Enrollments

Can I earn all three levels?

Yes! The prizes build on each other, so if you qualify for level 3 you will also earn the level 1 and level 2 prize. Please note that you only earn one product pack associated with your level.

Can I earn prizes in May, june, july and august?

Yes! Since the incentive period starts over each month you have the opportunity to participate in four different incentive periods.

When does the incentive period start and end?

Red Aspen will run four incentives over the summer. One in May, June, July and August. Each incentive will start at 12:00 am MT on the first day of the month at end at 11:59 pm MT on the last day of the month. The incentive qualifications will restart at the beginning of each month, and the work you do during the month long period qualifies you for one of the three different incentive levels offered that month.  


No. The prizes will not be made for sale. They can only be earned through the summer incentive.

Can I apply the work I do in one month toward another incentive month?

No. Your PV and enrollments only count toward the month the work was performed.

How Will I be notified if I earned a prize?

Red Aspen will notify all prize earners by the 5th day of the month to confirm that their prize and tier.

I earned a prize. yay! when will i get it?

Red Aspen will send your prize 30-45 days after the end of the month in which you qualified. Many of our prizes are custom made, so it takes a little bit of time to order and send out the gifts.

Will the value of my prizes count as income and be added to my 1099?

Yes. The IRS requires Red Aspen to report prizes like these as income, so we will add the value to your 1099 as  necessary. If you have questions about the 1099 process please email