Faux mink and silk lashes are Red Aspen's flagship product! This page is full of information dedicated to all things Red Aspen lashes. Check it out! 

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Why Red Aspen Lashes

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How to Apply False Lashes


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Red Aspen Lashes

Before & After Red Aspen False Lashes


Red Aspen + Ballet Idaho Vivian Lashes 

Red Aspen + Ballet Idaho Miss Lashes


Bella Lashes


How to Apply

How to Apply False Lashes with our Beauty Expert Cassie!

Lash Adhesive Tips with our Beauty Expert Cassie


WHAT Are red aspen lashes?

Faux mink and silk lashes are Red Aspen's flagship product! There are 9 total lashes all varying in length, material and volume perfect for every eye. 

Are all red aspen lashes CRUELTY FREE?

Yes, they are all cruelty free

Are red aspen lashes VEGAN AND / OR GLUTEN-FREE?

Yes. All Red Aspen lashes are both vegan and gluten-free. 

HOW DO you apply red aspen lashes?

Begin with full makeup in place. Lashes come last! Remove lashes from tray and fit to natural lash line. Trim excess band from outer corner. Apply lash glue along entire band. Wait a few seconds for glue to become tacky. Apply lash band to natural lash line using fingers or applicator and apply light pressure. 

How do you care for your Red Aspen lashes?

To remove, use cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover to dissolve glue along lash band. Gently pull of lashes by band. Store lashes in original case after use. 




HOW MUCH DO Red Aspen Lashes cost?

The prices variate depending on the lash from $16-$23.

Can i purchase red ASPEN lashes in a pack?

Yes. Red Aspen offers "lash bundles" which include a 3.5 ml Lash Adhesive and a Lash Applicator.

WHERE CAN I PURCHASE Red Aspen lashes?

Red Aspen lashes are available on YOUR Brand Ambassador's business page and

are all red aspen lashes PV ELIGIBLE?

Yes, lashes and lash bundles are PV-eligible


Yes, all Red Aspen lashes are available for both customers and Brand Ambassadors to add to their Loyalty Box