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Rep your team, rep your colors! Lash League Lashes will add just the right pop of color to your game day look. Complete with a sparkly band, we dressed up our best-selling Miss Lash so you can pair it with your favorite jersey.

Plus, now through August 31st at 11:59 pm MST, when you buy any two Lash League Lashes, you will get an Asha’s Ink liner FREE! Scroll below for details.

Each color quantity is limited, so get yours before it's gone!

Silver League Lashes - Watermark (2).jpg


Miss lash sporting a silver glitter band

Red Lash League - Watermark (2).jpg


Miss lash sporting a red glitter band

Orange Lash League - Watermark (3).jpg


Miss lash sporting a orange glitter band



Miss lash sporting a gold glitter band

Green Lash League - Watermark (1).jpg


Miss lash sporting a green glitter band

Violet Lash League - Watermark (2).jpg


Miss lash sporting a purple glitter band

Blue Lash League  - Watermark  (2).jpg


Miss lash sporting a blue glitter band

lash league lash bundles

Want to buy Lash League Lashes in a bundle? Game on! All Lash League colors are available to buy in bundles. Each bundle is available for purchase at only $38 and counts towards your PV! This bundle is a $48 value so you can rep your team, rep your colors, and save some money while you do it!


Lash League Lash

3.5 mL Lash Adhesive

Lash Applicator

Free Mini Scissors

Each color quantity is limited, so get yours before it's gone! A $48 value!


lash league 2019


What is the Lash League?

A collection of colored/glitter lashes that are available for a limited time only to help you rep your game day spirit in style!

Will Asha be added to my cart automatically?

Yes! Asha’s Ink Liner will be added to the shopping cart at checkout

Is there a hashtag for Lash League?

Yes! Post pictures of your looks and use #RALashLeague. We can’t wait to see you rep your team!

Is Lash League PV eligible?

Yes! Both Individual Lashes and Lash League Bundles are PV eligible.

Can Lash League be added to a loyalty box?

No, they cannot.