LEadership dashing Start

Thinking about joining Red Aspen? There’s no better time than now! Anyone that joins between 3/1 - 5/31 is eligible to earn one of the leadership tiers that we’re temporarily adding to our Dashing Start program.


Terms & Conditions + FAQ


YES! We’re so excited!

Who is eligible to earn the leadership dashing start levels?

1) Any existing Brand Ambassador that’s in their Dashing Start period between March 1 - May 31, 2019.

2) Any NEW Brand Ambassadors that join between March 1st - May 31, 2019.

3) The SPONSOR of the individual that earns a Leadership Dashing Start Bonus is also eligible for a special sponsoring bonus.

How long is my dashing start period?

Your Dashing Start period consists of the month you enroll plus two full commission periods (months).

Example 1: You join Red Aspen on March 15th. Your Dashing Start Period is the remainder of March, April and May.

Example 2: You join Red Aspen at the end of the incentive period, May 31st. You have May 31st, and all of June and July to earn a Leadership Dashing Start level.

how and when am i paid this bonus?

You will be paid 50% of this bonus at the end of your Dashing Start period. You will be paid the remaining 50% when you hit your paid as leadership title a second time. If you hit your leadership title two times within your Dashing Start period you will be paid 100% of the bonus as the end of your Dashing Start period.

Sponsor bonuses will be paid in the same manner: 50% / 50%.

You will be paid all bonuses through a paper check.

Where Can I learn more about the dashing start program?

Visit treehouse.redaspenlove.com/commissions for more info on the general Dashing Start program.

Can I redo my dashing start?

Sorry! No.

do I still qualify for the existing dashing start tiers?

Yes! You earn the Leadership Dashing Start levels on top of the four existing Dashing Start levels, so you’ll be rewarded twice!

can i participate in leadership dashing start And the #rockyourtitle incentive?

No. You can only participate in one of the programs. If you are in your Dashing Start period and earn a leadership title you can not earn a #RockYourTitle bonus as well.

How else will I be recognized for earning this Bonus?

Oh- we’ve got plans. But more to come on that (sneaky sneaky!)