Loyalty has it's benefits! The Loyalty Box program offers a number of customer benefits, and we're excited to share them with you here. 

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step 1) get to know the loyalty box:

Watch Red Aspen Loyalty Box Overview and Marketing & Promoting the Loyalty Box:

Review the Loyalty Box Guide for more details:

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Step 2) Watch our tech tutorials to become an expert at loyalty box:

Setting up a Loyalty Box

Change/Cancel Loyalty Box

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how do i set up and order a loyalty box?

You may set up a Loyalty Box by visiting your Brand Ambassador's website and clicking on "Loyalty Box" in the header. If you don't have a Brand Ambassador you may set up a Lash Loyalty Box by visiting www.redaspenlove.com

Can i choose what's included in the loyalty box?

Yes! You get to choose the exact product and quantity of product included in your order. 

How much does the Loyalty Box cost?

The price of your Loyalty Box depends on the number of items you add to your box. Loyalty Boxes automatically receive a 10% discount off the standard retail price. 

When will my Loyalty Box be processed?

Your first Loyalty Box will be processed as soon as you place your order. Initial orders placed between the 1st and 28th of the month will process on the subsequent day each month. Orders placed between the 29th and 31st of the month will process on the 28th day of future months.

When will my Loyalty Box ship?

Your order will be added to the shipping queue and ship shortly after it's processed. We make every effort to process in-stock orders within 3 business days or less. After leaving our warehouse, it make take 2-4 business days to reach you. 

Can I pay for expedited shipping on the Loyalty Box?

No, not at this time. We do not offer expedited shipping.

Can I cancel my Loyalty Box?

You may cancel anytime before your order is processed. Please watch "How To Cancel" above in the Tech Tutorials section. 

Can my Brand Ambassador edit or cancel my Loyalty Box?

No. Only customers can edit or change their orders. 


Yes! You receive PV on all Loyalty Box orders. The PV will reflect in your account once your Loyalty Box has processed that month.









Can I change the day my monthly Loyalty Box order processes?

If you need to change the day your order processes please contact the Treehouse Support Team at hello@redaspen.com

Can a separate order ship with my Loyalty Box?

No. At this time Loyalty Boxes ship separately from other orders. 

Can Loyalty Boxes be purchased in a pop up so Beauty Influencers can get the rewards?

No, not at this time. Only one time orders can be purchased during a pop up. 

I just joined Red Aspen and I have a Loyalty Box set up with another Brand Ambassador. Will my subscription automatically transfer over to my new account?

No. If you want to transfer your Loyalty Box over to your new account to earn the PV then you must cancel the Loyalty Box you set up with your former Brand Ambassador and set it up on your personal account. 

My credit card was declined on this months Loyalty Box. What now?

Shucks! If your credit card is declined, your Loyalty Box subscription will automatically be deleted. However, do not worry! If your Loyalty Box is canceled, you can login to your Hub and create a new one. Upon creating your new one, be sure to verify that all of your credit card information is correct.

Side note: Please note that if you change the date your order processes then all future orders will process on the same day of each subsequent month. Orders run between the 29th and 31st of the month will process on the 28th day in future months. 

Will my Brand Ambassador be notified if my Loyalty Box does not process or my card is declined?

Yes! In order to provide outstanding customer service we will notify your Brand Ambassador that your order did not process.