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We consolidated all the information you will ever need about the Red Aspen's Brow System on this page to help you market, sell and use Averie's Brow Liner and Lacey's Browlighter Duo Pencils. Here you will find how-to guides,  videos, pictures of products and models wearing the products... Everything you need to absolutely slay your Red Aspen business! Not only will your brows be #onfleek, but your business skills will be too. 


Product photos, pictures of models wearing Asha's Ink liner, social images to share on your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds... We've got it all! With how to videos and pictures, you'll be an expert in all these eyeliner in no time. Find everything you need to make your Red Aspen brand a success here! 


Red Aspen lashes aren't your basic lash and this page isn't your basic resource page! We're about to make you a Lash Goddess with product info, videos, PDFs and pictures on everything you will need to know about our lash line. This page includes how to apply resources, information about faux mink versus silk lashes,  help figuring out what type of lash to wear based on your eye shape, and more. 

Lash Accessories

Business kits, Lash Books, adhesive, scissors, applicators... The Red Aspen accessory world is full, and so are the resources we've put together to help you! Check out this page for information about how to outfit yourself with the tools necessary to assemble your Red Aspen collection. We'll give you everything you need, and then a little #extra, to complete your Red Aspen knowledge so you can best assist your customers and team members!