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Treehouse News & Inspiration 2.05.19


January 2019 Recognition



Low Inventory

Red Aspen is running low on the products listed below. Please note that if you are unable to add any of the listed items to your cart, then they are sold out and this list will be updated shortly.

  • Joy Lash (won’t be coming back)

Be Back Soon!

The following products are out of stock, but they will be back soon! We’ve included a rough date that these items will be back in stock.

  • We’re current!


When you personally sponsor one or more team members in a given month you’re automatically enrolled as a member of the Sponsor Society the following month, and membership has benefits! Red Aspen will provide you with exclusive, world-class business development training and mail you an education kit. Here’s how it works:



What is the Sponsor Society?

When you sponsor at least one person you’ll be automatically added as a member of the Sponsor Society the following month, and membership has its benefits! The following month you’ll receive a Sponsor Society education kit and exclusive business development training to help you grow your team.

What do I need to do to join the Sponsor Society?

Just personally sponsor one or more new team members in the month. Later in the year Red Aspen may change the qualifications with ample notice, but for now we are starting with one personal enrollment.

How will I know if I’ve been added to the Sponsor Society?

On the first business day of the following month the Treehouse will send you a text and an email letting you know that you’ve been automatically enrolled in the Sponsor Society, and will tell you what you can expect that month.

What’s included in the Sponsor Society Education Kit?

The kit includes educational tools to help you grow your  business. For example, if the training that month is centered around building your team through salons, the education kit might include a curated salon seed kit for you to take to a local salon to jump start a conversation with them.

What kind of exclusive training will I receive if I am in the Sponsor Society?

Good question! During the first two weeks of the month you’ll receive training via email and text message with fun challenges, tips, ideas and doses of motivation. In addition, you’ll also receive a Sponsor Society education kit in the mail that corresponds with and supplements your training.

How do I ensure I’m a member of the Sponsor Society every month?

When you sponsor one person in any given month you are automatically added to the Sponsor Society. So to maintain your membership all you need to do is sponsor one person per month.

I’d prefer not to receive text messages from Red Aspen. How do I do this?

Simply respond with “STOP” to any one of our texts. We will continue to send your Sponsor Society content through email so you will still have access to the training.

Do standard text messaging rates apply?

Yes, Red Aspen will send text messages to you directly and it’s up to you to work with your cell phone plan provider to ensure you have a plan that supports text messaging.