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Treehouse News & Inspiration 10.8.19

September 2019 Recognition



Low Inventory

Red Aspen is running low on the products listed below. Please note that if you are unable to add any of the listed items to your cart, then they are sold out and this list will be updated shortly.

  • Trouble Nail Dash (going into retirement, won’t return)

  • Hit the Books, Betty Nail Dash (going into retirement, won’t return)

Be Back Soon!

The following products are out of stock, but they will be back soon! We’ve included a rough date that these items will be back in stock.

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Our formula is simple: real beauty for real life. To figure out exactly what that means, we need to ask questions, listen intently, & dream big. Ideas come from every person, every department, every level, our Brand Ambassadors, our customers, the corporate office. We're giving everyone a voice through beauty, we're enabling connections, we're building each other up!

So tell us - what would you like to see launched next? Are there any existing products you’d change?

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We name all our products after women we find influential in our day-to-day lives. This includes mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers, coaches, mentors, bosses, peers, etc! If you have a woman who has made an impact on your life, we’d love to hear their story and consider them for a product nomination.

Submit their story + name below, then download and have the nomination release form signed and send to

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Nomination next steps:

1) Download the ‘Nomination Release Form’ using the button below. Email the signed form back to us at

2) Include a few photos of the nominee in your email!