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Spend $75+ on your order and red aspen will throw in a taylored lip gloss as a free gift to you.

prepare to get glossy Glossy glossy.


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Let's talk about a few ways you can work the "Pucker Up, Tayler" promo into your business.

The details:

  1. When you spend $75 or more you will receive a free Taylored Lip Gloss as a free gift. Your gift will be automatically added to your cart when you check out. 

  2. Tip! You get one Taylored Lip Gloss on every order of $75 or more, not one gloss for every $75 you spend. 

  3. Taylored Lip Gloss is a limited time product, and it won't be around forever. Make sure your customers get theirs before its too late! 

  4. The "Pucker Up, Taylor" promotion ends at 11:59 MST on June 30, 2018. 


What do I need to do to get Taylored Lip Gloss for free?

It’s simple! Just spend $75+ on your order and we will include a free Taylored Lip Gloss in your package.

Do I need a special promo code or anything to redeem my gift?

Nope! If your order is $75 or more the product will be automatically added to your order. You don’t have to do anything else!

When does this promo end?

The Pucker Up Taylor promotion ends on June 30th at 11:59 pm MST.


I earned more than $75 in pop up rewards. Will I get a free Taylored Lip with my order?

No, this promotion does not apply to pop up reward orders, however you can apply your pop up rewards toward the purchase of a Taylored Lip Gloss.

My Lash Loyalty Box processes during the promo and it’s more than $75. Will a free Taylored Lip Gloss come with it?

No. This promotion does not apply to Lash Loyalty Boxes.

Can I purchase Taylored Lip Gloss outside this promotion?

Totally! She is available on the Hub and your business website.