Already a leader with Red Aspen? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring leader? We’ve got something for you as well! We’re throwing down a challenge that we know will be well worth your time and energy.


Terms & Conditions + FAQ

Do I have to be an existing Associate brand director or above to participate in this incentive?

If you’re not an existing ABD+ that’s a-ok! If you hit one of Red Aspen’s leadership titles and maintain that title either three consecutive times or three times total within the incentive period (3/1 - 8/31) then you will qualify for a bonus. Be sure to note that you can’t earn the bonuses multiple times over (see the next question).

Can I earn these bonuses multiple times over? For example, I earned my title 6 months in a row. Does that mean I qualify for the bonus twice?

No. You can not earn bonuses multiple times over. Those that qualify will only receive one bonus. Here are a few examples that further explain:

Example 1: You earn ABD six consecutive months in a row. You do not earn the bonus twice, just once.

Example 2: You earn ABD three consecutive months, then BD three consecutive months. Red Aspen will pay out the bonus ONE time, and in this case you will receive $1,200 for earning BD three consecutive months.

Example 3: You earn ABD three consecutive months and BD three months total. Again, you only earn one bonus of $600.

What is my highest leadership level?

Per the image above, you qualify for bonuses by earning the highest paid as leadership title you’ve earned during your career with Red Aspen.

Example: Mandy earned the title of Brand Director last November. Therefore that’s the title that unlocks her bonus.

What if i earn a higher leadership title?

Get it, girl! That’s awesome. Earning a higher title counts toward your highest paid title, but keep in mind that if you keep earning that higher title you’ll get a bigger bonus per the image above.

Example: Katrina’s highest leadership title is ABD. She earns ABD, then BD, then BD in three consecutive months over the incentive period. She is rewarded with the $600 bonus for earning ABD three consecutive times.

how and when am i paid this bonus?

You will be paid this bonus via a check. Checks will be mailed out on September 13, 2019. Riki Mirrors will be mailed out around the same time.

Tell me more about the third tier of this incentive That qualifies me for a riki mirror.

We’d love to. In this scenario you have to qualify for one leadership title below the highest paid as leadership title you’ve achieved. Please note that in order to qualify you must earn ABD or above. Here are a few examples:

Example 1: Kasey’s highest paid as title is Brand Director. She qualifies for Associate Brand Director 3 consecutive times over the incentive period. She earned!

Example 2: Amira’s highest paid as title is Associate Brand Director. She qualifies as a Senior Brand Manager 3 consecutive times over the incentive period. She did not earn because she did not qualify for a leadership title.

Can I earn the Riki Mirror And the bonus?

No. You are only eligible for one bonus.

If i earn the riki mirror how does that impact my 2019 earnings?

Per IRS rules, Red Aspen is required to report gifts of this nature as income on your 1099. We will record the Riki Mirror gift value as appropriate on your 2019 1099.

I’m in my dashing start period and I earned a leadership dashing start bonus. can i participate in this incentive as well?

No. You can only participate in one of the programs. If you earn a Leadership Dashing Start Bonus you can not also earn a #RockYourTitle bonus. Unless informed otherwise, Red Aspen will issue the higher bonus amount.

How else will I be recognized for earning this incentive?

Oh- we’ve got plans. But more to come on that (sneaky sneaky!)