If you'd like to grow a Red Aspen team and lead, mentor, and develop other Brand Ambassadors, you'll want to check out the resources on this page. 

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Share your journey

 Watch our Share Your Journey for our tips and tricks on how to start sponsoring!

List your fab 5 on the Share Your Journey guide to begin envisioning your team.

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Not your #basic social selling business

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Why Red Aspen?

let's talk opportunities:


 Check out the sponsoring references for ideas to grow your team:

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60 Second Opportunity Pitch Worksheet

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One on One Opportunity Meeting Agenda

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Types of Opportunity Meetings

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Opportunity Meeting Scripts

Let's talk sponsoring:

Sponsoring on Social Media

Sponsoring Your First Team Member

 Watch our video on Sponsoring Conversations: People You Know

Watch our video on Sponsoring Conversations: People You Don't Know

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