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1) Begin with full makeup in place - lashes come last! Mascara is optional :)

2) Remove lash from tray by band

3) Measure lash along base of natural lash line. Trim from outer corner to remove excess band. 

4) Apply lash adhesive along length of band - wait 20 seconds for glue to become tacky.

5) Apply band to lash line using fingers or applicator. Use light pressure and let dry.


1) Dissolve glue along lash band using cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover.

2) Remove lashes gently using fingers. 

3) Clean excess glue from eyelashes and eyelids using cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover.

4) Store lashes in clean, dry place. 

TIP: Be sure to remove lashes nightly. Do not sleep in lashes. 

Averie's Brow Pencil

1) Use the spooly to comb brows in desired direction.

2) Outline under and over the brow with the pencil.

2) Use the pencil to fill in brow with hair-like strokes, using the spooley to soften as desired. 

Lacey's Browlighter Duo Pencil

1) Conceal top and bottom of the brow with the matte end of browlighter.

2) Apply the shimmer side of the browlighter above and below the brow to highlight as desired. 

3) Voila! Enjoy your gorgeously illuminated brows. 


Taylored Lip Glos

1) Apply Taylored Lip Gloss. Remember that it's clear! Keep as much on your lips as possible. 

2) Use tissue or swab to dab away extra lip gloss around mouth if needed.

3) Allow lip gloss to dry. Watch as the color emerges before your eyes!