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Stay up to date with everything happening at the Treehouse! On this page you'll find everything from news & updates directly from the Treehouse, fun training, and everything happening this month.

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Treehouse News & Updates 6.12.18

Treehouse News & Updates 6.26.18

Treehouse news and updates 6.5.18

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What's happening this month:

The Birthday Bash Incentive Qualification period ends on July 31st! Get out there and go earn it, we are cheering you on all the way and we cannot wait to see you in sunny Scottsdale!

Want a chance to earn new release products for free and get them before anyone else? All you need to do is complete this month's Business Burst Incentive! For the month of July, all you need to do is sell 1,000 PV! For more information click the link below.

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The double ended Browlight Duo pencil has a matte side and shimmer side that pair perfectly to help create your perfect brow look. The matte side hides stray brow hairs and helps to create definition, while the shimmer side accentuates your perfectly coiffed brows. This browlighter works perfectly with all the products in Red Aspen’s brow system.