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Length length and more length! Made of faux mink, Reese’s multilayered 3D lashesadd stupendous length and dimension that will amplify and glamorize your desired look. These lashes will go everywhere with you- the gym, date night, coffee with your girlfriends, the possibilities are limitless! You’ll never miss a beat in the Reese lash.

Want a chance to earn new release products for free and get them before anyone else? All you need to do is complete this month's Business Burst Incentive! For the month of May, all you need to do is create a Pop Up and generate 500 PV! This Pop Up can be shared by you or a Beauty Influencer on your behalf. For more information click the link below.


Store your lashes and access them on-the-go with Volume I of our Lash Book! Now you can easily apply, remove and store your lashes anytime, anywhere. One book includes three slots for up to three pairs of lashes, one 3.5 mL lash adhesive, and one lash applicator.