Welcome to Red Aspen! 


We are SO excited to have you on board! Let's get to down to business..aka, YOUR new business! The page is designed to give you everything you need to start your new journey and be successful. Complete all of the training materials in the steps below and you will be well on your way to BLAH.  


1.Let's get started

  • Watch our Welcome video
  • Watch our "Support + Shipping Video
  • Follow us on social media!

2. get of to a dashing start:

  • Watch our "Earn with Dashing Start" video
  • Complete your Dashing Start Goal worksheet.
    Yay for Goals!


3. make money with red aspen

  • Watch our "Compensation Plan: Getting Started" video

  • Watch our "Intro to Your Red Aspen Vault" video         

4.Know Your Products

  • Check out the "Products" tab on the Red Aspen Treehouse to learn everything you need to know about Red Aspen product.

5. rock your business kit!

  • Watch our "Rock your Business Kit" video

6. Pull Your Team Together

  • List your fab 5 on the "Share Your Journey" guide to begin envisioning your team. #leadingladies

7.Share your Business

  • Create and share your Red Aspen social media handles on Facebook and Instagram

8. E-business

  • Visit your Hub to explore your e-Business!


You have completed the Onboarding Checklist, way to jump start your business!

Before you submit your information to receive your Onboarding Certificate, utilize this checklist to make sure you have completed and watched all training videos! 

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Utilize this checklist to make sure you have completed and watched all training videos!
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